Frequently asked questions

Who can register an account on Snugspot?
Anyone with an age of 15 or older.

Will you post anything to Facebook?
No. You can choose to login on SnugSpot using your Facebook account. This is the easiest way to keep your SnugSpot account up to date and you still have full control over what information will be shown on SnugSpot. Regardless, we will never post anything to your Facebook.

Where are all the members?
In the database. As opposed to other online services, on SnugSpot you don’t scroll through endless lists of members. You will only see people that could be a potential match for you. We will notify you by email once a day to present you with Today’s Match. Matches also appear in your Matches page.

Wait… Are you telling me that I will only get 1 new match each day?
Yes. SnugSpot is a “slow food” restaurant, so to speak. We aim to provide a serious experience where you actually take your time to look at a potential match, before moving on to the next. If you like to look at a gazillion photos at the same time, simply wait a gazillion days and then check out your Matches page.

Can I modify the matching criteria?
You can but you don’t really have to. SnugSpot is developed to intelligently adapt to your preferences and evolving needs. When you establish a connection or reject a potential match we use that information to improve the way we serve you matches in the future. However, your Settings Page gives you options to define if you fancy men or women. Here you can also manually control what age group and max-distance you prefer.

How do you match me with other members?
We take a number of factors into consideration. We look at your gender, age, geographical location, preferences based on previous behaviour on SnugSpot. We also calculate your looks based on previous matches and connections to better estimate who you would find attractive. If you take our Personality Test, we even take your personality traits into consideration in the matchmaking process.

What is a "Heart"?
Hearts are SnugSpot’s virtual currency and can be used to establish connections with other members. The idea behind the “Heart system”, is that unless two members are both genuinely interested in one another, none of them will have to spend one of their Hearts. This increases the seriousness in each contact and eliminates unsolicited messages.
In the top of the main menu you can always see how many available Hearts you have left in your account and how to get more.

How much is the subscription fee?
Zero. There is no subscription fee and no ads. At SnugSpot you only pay a Heart (read above what a Heart is) to establish a connection with someone. This is your guarantee that we will try our best to find you suitable and interesting matches. It is also your guarantee that the person you wish to connect with is genuinely interested in getting to know you, as he or she will also need to pay 1 Heart to establish the connection with you. If one of you is not interested, the person initiating the contact, will get the Heart back.

Okay, so I pay a Heart to send a connection request?
Yes. But only if the person you would like to connect with is also genuinely interested in getting to know you. When the person in the other end receives your invitation to connect, they need to spend 1 of their Hearts to accept your invitation. If they decline your request to connect or do not respond within 10 days, your sent Heart will be returned to your account, so you can spend it on someone else.

Is there any additional fees?
Nope. Once you have connected with someone, a permanent communication channel between you is created. You can communicate with this contact indefinitely without ever having to pay again.

What’s the difference between “Matches”, “Requests” and “Contacts”?
In “Matches” you can see members that we think might be of interest to you. One new match will be added to this section each day.
In “Requests” you will find incoming connection requests from members who’d like to get to know you better.
Here you can also see your outgoing requests.
“Contacts” is where you’ll find the members you have established a connection with. A connection is a permanent communication channel that you can use freely.

One of my Contacts has disappeared?
The contact has either blocked you or deleted their account.

I got an email notifying me of a new match or new request,
but I don’t see it on my Matches or Requests page?

The matched member or sender of the request has either deleted their account or their profile has been suspended.

I didn´t get a new match today?
That means that we couldn´t find you a decent match, within a reasonable distance. We will notify you, as soon as someone that could be of interest to you shows up.

Can I control what emails I receive from SnugSpot?
Absolutely. Go to your Settings page to change your Email settings.

The SnugSpot website is acting all weird?
First of all make sure you´re running the latest version of your preferred browser software. Secondly make sure that you have enabled Cookies in your browser. If your settings do not allow your browser to accept cookies SnugSpot will not work as intended.

SnugSpot currently supports the following browsers:

On Apple Mac OS:
• Safari 9 and later
• Chrome v. 46 and later
• Firefox v. 41 and later

On Microsoft Windows PC:
• IE 11
• Edge
• Chrome v. 46 and later
• Firefox v. 42 and later

iPhone & iPad iOS:
• Latest version of Safari for iOS

SmartPhones & Tablets running Android:
• Latest version of Chrome for Android

Windows Phone:
• Latest version of Edge for Windows Phone

SnugSpot is a so-called responsive website or "Web App".
This means that it even though it is a website it works like a charm across desktop computers, tablets and phones.

Can you help me with a problem or question that’s not mentioned above?
You bet. We’re here to make sure everything is running smoothly for you.
To contact our Support simply go to your contacts, where you will find the Snugspot profile. Communicate with this profile as you would with any other contact.

Or you can take this shortcut and go directly to a message conversation with the Snugspot team
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