About SnugSpot Cookies:

SnugSpot requires that your browser allows Cookies.
If you have changed your browser settings to disable cookies, you will not be able to log in.

There are many types of browsers on the market.
If you don´t know how to enable/allow cookies, this google search might be a good help.

By using SnugSpot you accept that we use cookies.

Nowadays cookies are used by most websites. Cookies are often necessary for a website to deliver a good, personalised experience for its users.
A cookie is a small text file that is being stored on your device (PC, tablet, smartphone). The text file allows the website recognise the user whenever the user returns to the site. Cookies can be used for statistical purposes and to optimise or personalise the experience for the individual visitor.
A cookie is a passive file and it can not collect information stored on your device´s hard drive, infect your device with virus or malware.
Some cookies are only stored on your device as long as your browser is running (these are called Session Cookies).
Other cookies can be stored on your device for a longer period of time (these are called Persistent Cookies). When you re-visit a website, such cookies are typically updated/renewed.

SnugSpot uses cookies for the following purposes
Technical functionality - so we can "remember" various preferences you may have, such as your preferred language.
Statistics - so we know how many users visit SnugSpot.

Which cookies are being set by SnugSpot?
SnugSpot uses three types of cookies:

1. Session Cookies:
These cookies let SnugSpot know if a user is currently logged in.
Session Cookies is also used to keep track of your preferences such as language and other regional settings.

2. Cookies (Persistent Cookies):
A Persistent Cookie is being used if you choose to have SnugSpot your log in information on a given device.

3. Google Analytics:
SnugSpot uses Google Analytics, to measure website traffic and user patterns. We do this in an effort to continuously improve the service we provide.
Google Analytics stores a permanent cookie to track where a given visitor is coming from (e.g. did the visitor follow a link from another website to get to SnugSpot). This cookie is stored on your device it expires or you delete it. Google Analytics also stores a session cookie which is used to keep track of when and for how long a given user visits SnugSpot. This cookies is automatically deleted when you quit your browser or close the tab that shows the SnugSpot website.
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